fish tartare and Zero Assoluto sparkling wine

Zero Assoluto Spumante Extra Brut & Fish Tartare

Pairing Zero Assoluto & Fish Tartare

Fresh, lively and dry, Zero Assoluto is a wine for enthusiasts and connoisseurs; a “Brut nature” with zero residual sugar and a freshness that make it perfect to balance fish dishes as Fish Tartare. On the nose this wine has pleasant and very delicate citrus notes, displaying intense grapefruit and white flowersnotes and a slightly persistent yeast note. The same delicate freshness you immediately notice also on the palate, the acidity is pleasant andas a result the wine is balanced, velvety and creamy. Zero Assoluto, thanks to its dry character, is a perfect marriage with raw fish dishes in which the marine flavor is strong and persists in the mouth, especially with fish like tuna.

Fish Tartare Recipe

Dory fish
Sea bass
Tuna fish
Purple Cauliflower
Red pepper
Red onion
Wild berries
Balsamic vinegar Modena IGP

A successful dish that surprises the eye and especially the palate, a triumph of taste and an explosion of flavors, which skillfully combined, will tickle the taste buds with combinations of sweet, salt and sour.
Finally, it adds a play of different textures and varied cookings that bring out the accompaniments to raw fish.
The fish must be of good quality and ready to be eaten raw. Fillet 50 grams of Dory fish and create a tartare of strips; take some florets of purple cabbage and steam; when cooked but still crunchy, marinate with extra virgin olive oil and herbs. Plate up the raw fish and overlap some purple kale.
Fillet a raw sea bass and cut the fish into tartare; parboil the sliced red onion in water and vinegar, then finely chop the red pepper. Plate up the sea bass, overlap some hot pepper and onion.
Then, fillet 50 gr of tuna and cut it into tartare; for the sauce, cook the wild berries with a little balsamic vinegar and cane sugar until you get a sort of jam. Place the tuna on the plate and on the top add some the wild berries sauce.

An elegant, fine dish and rich in flavor as this needs a wine of the same refined character, and Zero Assoluto is the perfect companion.

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